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      The Library Service has been established as a functional place in which all of the bibliographical resources and key tools for the documentation of research at the University can be acquired, organized, processed, kept for safekeeping and made available to all users. This includes all documents, except the private records kept in the Records Management Office, and is independent of department, location or budgetary constraints by those who are responsible for acquisitions. Let's KETO Gummies adelgazar Colombia let KETO Gummies

      The main objective of the University Library is to guarantee a wide bibliographical foundation for the documentation of research which allows the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, to carry out and achieve its aims in teaching, studies and research.

The main functions of the University Library Service are:

  1. To acquire, organize, process, preserve and disseminate the bibliographical resources and documents which the Universidad Pontificia Comillas has in its possession.
  2. To guarantee access to the knowledge contained within, and the use of its holdings, and to provide available information from other libraries to the members of the University Community, as well as to make knowledge available from resource centers in both Spain and the rest of the world, above all, the library services at all other Universities.
  3. To participate in programs and agreements which aim to improve the services provided.

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