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Rector welcome

As Rector of Comillas Pontifical University, and on behalf of the entire university community, I would like to extend my greetings to you and welcome all of you who are interested in us and visit our website. I hope you are able to find the information you are looking for and that following this first contact with us you may be interested in getting to know us better. Out virtual space has many features: our educational model and history, our organization and the programs we offer, and our research projects, activities and services, to list a few.

Comillas is a University of the Church, run for over a century by the Society of Jesus, the private entity that has the largest number of universities under its care in the world. As part of our university mission, we have always successfully combined an educational experience based on our tradition and the continuous updating demanded by social change. In our opinion, being open to society is paramount. Today more than ever, due to the difficult circumstances we must withstand, it is essential to have good communication between a university and society. This is why Comillas is constantly and closely working alongside business, professional and social organizations.

I dare say that the cornerstones of our educational proposal include academic rigor, a personalized service to each and every student combining comprehensive training with a social conscience, excellence in our preparation for professional life, internationalization and a research approach aimed at innovation and social return. All of this is based on Christian humanism, with a great concern aimed at developing a better, fairer, more fraternal society. We are an institution with great expectations and values.

Thanks for taking an interest in us.

Julio Luis Martínez, SJ
Rector of Comillas Pontifical University

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