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Study for a Bachelor in International Relations and Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting (Dual degree) at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas - ICAI - ICADE (Madrid)

The double Bachelor in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting caters to the current and future needs of our globalised society, which requires an elite group of professionals who are capable of analysing, designing strategies and taking decisions in the international sphere with exceptional specialised preparation in the areas of international studies, linguistics and humanities.

These studies consist of two degree programmes, each with a duration of four years, which are studied simultaneously and completed in 5 years, with a student course load that is above the average and will require extra effort and work on the student's part.

The Bachelor in International Relations, which has a long-standing tradition in the Anglo-Saxon world but is innovational in Spanish higher education, comprises studies in the areas of economics, law, politics and international security. Courses are given in Spanish and English. Taught by teaching staff from three Faculties (Human and Social Sciences, Law-ICADE and Economics and Business Administration-ICADE). It seeks to prepare people capable of understanding the reality of international relations in an increasingly interdependent world, and the role of Spain in the international system, whose importance in the international arena is continuously growing. The Bachelor in International Relations can be only studied combining it with the Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting.

The content areas are as follows:
Main content areas (75%)
    History, culture and politics of the world's principal geographical areas (Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East)
    International Economy
    International Politics and International Relations
    International Law (Human Rights, International Organisations, Protocol)
    International Security
Cross-curricular content areas (21%)
    Languages and Intercultural Communication Skills
        Second foreign language (French or German)
        Possiblilty of studying a third foreign language as part of an additional Diploma in Modern Languages
Subjects that are part of the University's identity (4%)

The Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting offers an opportunity to attain a high level in at least two foreign languages, in addition to intercultural mediation and interpersonal communication skills required to work as a professional in an international environment (the Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting can also be studied in an independently way).

The complementary nature of the two degrees as well as their practical orientation make this double degree in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting an excellent option for people who are looking for a top-notch education with excellent professional prospects in the international context, in political, business, legal, social or cultural areas.

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