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Master in International Business Management

What do companies need?
In today's world, companies need to have successful business rates on foreign markets, not only to grow and increase their foreign market revenues, but also to protect the market share they have carved out on the domestic market against foreign competitors.

In order to do this, companies hire professionals who know how to design and implement suitable internationalisation strategies to enable them to enter the international business arena.

This is the main objective of this Master in International Business Management: Training professional elite with an international point of view, prepared to develop companies into international markets.

Nowadays, professionals who manage the companies are those who know how to work with international business.

Companies value the MIB degree because its innovative corporate approach allows students to learn to achieve results on foreign markets. In this programme students not only acquire the technical knowledge required, but they also develop the managerial skills and international perspectives that define excellent professionals in charge of international corporate development. "During periods of economic prosperity, any company can be successful, but in times of crisis, only the best prepared ones are successful".

The aim of the Master in International Business Management at Comillas is to create an elite group of international executives who are prepared to implement business activities on the global market.

Why choose this Master's Programme (MIB)?

  • Because the goal of the MIB programme is to teach students how to do business around the world, given that doing business internationally is currently the main objective of companies as well. To do so, its methodology (students works as if they were a company), contents (everything one needs to know to internationalise a business) and approach (practical, precise and demanding) are what make the MIB programme stand out from other Master's in the EU.
  • Because the MIB is a professional Master's aimed at creating an elite group of international executives who are prepared to work in the international business world, lead a family business into the international arena or create their own businesses.
  • Because the MIB is a practical, demanding Master's that fosters self-discipline, reflection and analysis, perseverance, overcoming challenges, self-control, strength of character and leadership in students, helping them gradually improve the skills and attitudes needed in the international business world.

Who this degree aimed at
The programme is aimed at university graduates who wish to further their knowledge or progress in their careers as international executives in the field of foreign markets.

Submission of applications

Monday to Friday: from 6.00 pm to 9.50 pm.

560 class hours, during nine months.

Course venue
ICADE Business School
Calle Rey Francisco, 4, 28008 - Madrid

Information is available from

ICADE Business School
Calle Rey Francisco, 4
28008 - Madrid
Tel.: +34 91 559 20 00
Fax: 91 542 34 53

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