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Joint honours

Double Degree Programmes with Foreign Universities

During their first year, students in the Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting program who have chosen the Spanish-English-French language combination are eligible to apply for one of the 5 places offered each year to pursue the Double Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting at Comillas and the Bachelor in Multilingual Communication at the University of Geneva. Students spend their first and fourth years of Translation and Interpreting studies at Comillas, and the second and third years at the Ecole de traduction et d'interprétation (ETI) of the University of Geneva.

The French E-1 programme is organised in collaboration with the prestigious French university, Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X), leading to the Bachelor in Law, a Licence en Droit and the Master 1 en Droit certificate.

E-1 students can apply for places on the E-1 American Program that are announced every year, once they complete the first semester of the 3rd academic year of the Bachelor in Law. In that case, they will begin study on the LL.M at a US partner university in 4th year, finishing their studies awarded with the double degree. Student selection will be carried out taking their language proficiency and academic record into consideration.

The Bachelor in Business Administration and Management Concentration in International Business (E-4), organised in collaboration with prestigious European and U.S. institutions, enables a student to obtain an official Bachelor's degree from our University and from the foreign University where the student will complete half the degree programme:

Comillas ICAI: Degrees with Foreign Universities

ICAI School of Engineering offers its students the possibility of obtaining a degree from another foreign University in some of its degree programmes:

Bachelor in Electromechanical Engineering

Bachelor in Telematics Engineering

Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering (Mechanics and Electricity)

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Organization and Management

The possibility to take part in a double degree program is subject to the number of places available, compliance with the academic regulations and to the agreements currently in force with the partner universities at the moment in which access to said program.

Erasmus Mundus International Master's in Economics and Management of Network Industries

The International Master in Economics and Management of Network Industries (EMIN) is coordinated by Comillas with the participation of other leading European universities such as the Jean Monnet Chair of the University Paris-Sud 11, Delft University of Technology and international universities of US, Brazil, China as Johns Hopkins, Berkeley Lab, and Texas at Austin.

This program leads to the following degrees from the universities involved: a French Master's degree in "Economics, Technology and Territory", a Master's degree in the "Electricity Sector" from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas and a Dutch degree in "Master of Science in Engineering and Policy Analysis".

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