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Scholarships, grants and financial aid

Students at the Comillas Pontifical University may enjoy the same benefits as other Spanish university students regarding student insurance policies, scholarships, grants and other official types of financial aid, as well as for beginning research and participation in European programmes for mobility and for student exchanges.

Moreover, the University offers its own financial aid, both from university funding and the University Comillas-ICAI Foundation, as well as from the Ecclesiastical Aid Fund and the Non-Autonomous Fund for studies for candidates of the priesthood; and from other entities and persons, and different types of financial aid for its students, in order to finance the cost of teaching and provide equal opportunities depending on the specialised needs of each student.

Students can benefit from the following types of financial aid, from both official organisations and from the University, which are described as follows:

Aid from Public Organisations

Scholarships and grants from the Comillas Pontifical University
  • Financial Aid from the University: this consists of a partial reduction in student fees.
  • Academic Excellence Awards from the University: these grants consist of a total scholarship for studies at the university, while the student is required to pay only the initial registration fee and student insurance policy. They are aimed at new students in official degrees.

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