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To study in Comillas Pontifical University ICAI - ICADE in Madrid

Bachelor's Degrees

Here you will find the educational programs we have to offer, based on our constant pursuit of excellence and combining the academic strength of our degrees, common sense, an international focus on studies and, in particular, comprehensive training.


The specialisation and constant renewal which graduates and professionals require is imparted by a select team of teachers including both academics and professionals.
We have met demands for socio-economic development since 1956.

PhD Programs

Programs aimed at licentiate degree holders, engineers or graduate students who have completed the required postgraduate work and wish to become involved in the field of research, university teaching or professional activities related with R+D.

International Courses

In an international setting, Comillas offers courses in diverse fields of knowledge aimed at both Spanish and foreign university students.

On-line training

Official and specialisation studies adapted to professional life with semi classroom or distance teaching methods.
Courses are imparted with the support of the SIFOE e-learning platform (Integral On-line Training System) which is being developed by Comillas.

Continuing Education for Elders

The university is open to people over 50 to create an area for learning and personal development and a meeting point for the exchange of ideas and reflection.

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