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At Comillas Pontifical University, we continually strive for excellence and would always like to hear your suggestions or complaints.

  • A SUGGESTION is providing ideas or initiatives to improve the quality of our service.
  • A COMPLAINT is voicing your dissatisfaction with regards to any of our actions.

This IS NOT AN INFORMATION SERVICE. For enquiries about university activities, please go to the Information and Student Reception Office:

Telephone: +34 91 540 61 19, +34 91 540 61 20

Official claims or requests must be carried out through the Registry.

If you wish to send us a suggestion or complaint, please use the following form:


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Complaints and suggestions will be dealt with by the Prospective and Quality Unit, which shall inform the user of any actions carried out within 20 working days.

Any suggestions that promote improvements to our academic institution will be sent to the Rector and relevant governing bodies.

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