Erasmus Mundus International Master in Economics and Management of Network Industries

  EMIN Reference information for the application of the candidate:      
  Candidate number:   
  Name of Candidate:    Surname:
  Dear referee,
  You have been asked by the student above to act as a referee for his/her application for a position in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme EMIN in Economics and Management of Network Industries.
  The Universities will be grateful for your assistance in assessing their suitability for academic, professional and residential life.
  Referees may be assured that all information provided will be treated in strict confidence.
  Please consider this applicant in comparison with other young people of the same age, educational attainment and educational opportunity.
  The moral integrity of applicants is of great importance as a qualification for living in a residential community other than his/her home country.
  Referee personal information
  1.  Name
  2.  Institution
  3.  Address  
  4.  Telephone  
  5.  Email  
  6.  Post/Occupation of referee  
  7.  How long have you known the candidate?  
  8.  In what capacity have you known the candidate?  
  Rate the applicant
  1.  How do you rate the candidate?s ability to comprehend and use English?
  2.  How do you rate the candidate?s ability to carry out independent study?
  3.  How do you rate the candidate?s ability to carry out independent research?
  4.  How do you rate the candidate?s ability to carry out professional practice?
  5.  How do you rate the candidate?s social skills and competences (living and working with other people, in multicultural environments, in positions where communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential)?
  6.  Are you aware of any professional, financial or personal reasons why the candidate would experience difficulty during a prolonged period of study (2 years)?
  7.  If yes, please explain: (Max. 250 characters)
  8.  In your opinion, is the candidate motivated, capable and able to follow a demanding post-graduate course in a foreign country successfully?
  9.  If no, please explain: (Max. 250 characters)
  On the following characteristics how would you rate the applicant compared with other students you have known? Please place a tick in the appropriate column where you feel you have sufficient knowledge of the applicant to make an assessment.
  10.  Academic ability
  11.  Professional ability
  12.  Work load capacity
  13.  Leadership potential
  14.  Initiative
  15.  Organizing ability
  16.  Aptitude to independent study
  17.  Moral qualities - honesty, integrity
  18.  Respect for authority
  19.  Sociability: ability to mix with others in community living
  20.  Self-discipline
  21.  Common sense and judgment
  22.  Adaptability to new situations
  23.  Maturity
  24.  Emotional stability and capacity to cope with stress
  25.  Please assist us in the selection process by ticking one or more of the following, as applicable

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